Petri Räisänen 5-9 januari 2022

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Schedule in Falkenberg 5-9.1.2022

Wednesday 5th Januari 
17:00-19:00 Led Primary
19:15-20:45 Workshop opening: Petri's views about Ashtanga Yoga and this time, light pranayama (breathing) and meditation (quit sitting meditation.)

Thursday 6th January
06.00-08:00 Mysore style or 

17:00-19:00 Led Primary 

Friday 7th January 
06.00-08:00 Mysore class

16:00-18:00 Workshop: Primary series technique class; detailed introduction for the asana alignments, vinyasa counting and and (hands on) adjustments.
Asana alignments are important for for the healthy and comfortable asanas and to reach the maximum benefits of the yoga practice. 
Vinyasa counting is the old traditional method for knowing what and when we are moving in the vinyasas. 
Ashtanga is a special yoga tradition in which the teachers are using a hands on asana adjustments. How we can make sure that the adjustment is beneficial and safe for all the people? Asana adjustment can help us know understand what is important in the asanas and how to get into the better alignment. 
Petri is giving his view from his own 30 years of teaching experience. This will be a discussion and we will try few easier adjustments to have our own experience about a good adjustment.
18:15-19:15 Pranayama and meditation - light pranayama (breathing) and meditation (quiet sitting meditation).


Saturday 8th January
07.00-09:00 or 09.00-11:00 Mysore style

14:00-16.00 Workshop: The three layers of the Bandhas: how to use the bandhas (muscle and energy locks) in asana, pranayama and energy work.

16:15-17:15 Pranayama and meditation - light pranayama (breathing) and meditation (quiet sitting meditation).

Sunday 9th January 
07.00-09:00 or 09.00-11:00 Mysore style

12:30-14.30 Workshop: Ashtanga Yoga for all body and mind types 
We are all body types, shapes and ages. What is easy for one student can be impossible for someone else. That doesn’t value how good the students practice is. How can we observe the students different body and mind types and be flexible with the ”traditional” Ashtanga system? Making the practice comfortable for all students and create a safe zone to allow you to be who you are. How to modify the practice and which tools we can use for it. 

14:30-15:00 Healing meditation and the closing circle.

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Full Workshop 3 500 kr: Wednesday to Sunday all classes, 5 mysore/led classes + 4 workshops! 

Single mysore/led class 350 kr/class 

Single Worskhop classes 750 kr/class 


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